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“How can I make this day special for the Bride?” This is the question every bridesmaid, maid of honor, and family member will ask themselves on their loved one’s wedding day. The answer is simple. Make her happy by helping her remain calm, relaxed, and ready to enjoy her day. Easier said than done, though right?

After all, the bride will be feeling a whirlwind of emotions ranging from extreme joy to unnerving anxiety while thinking about what needs to be done in order for her guests to be just as happy as she is. These burdening emotions can strip away the magic from the day and result in a dissatisfied bride and groom.

Allow the Bride to relinquish her worries and ensure that both her and her guests live in their precious moment with the Happy Bride Happy Wedding Coordinator Registry. Her personal coordinator will support and assist her in avoiding the mishaps and emotional breakdowns of managing her own wedding day. From the smallest tasks like helping her put on her dancing shoes to making sure her caterer arrives on time, our Professional Coordinator will guarantee a happy bride who will be forever grateful that you gifted her with the greatest support she needed on one of the most important days of her life.

Happy Bride Happy Wedding is a gift registry program from Brilliant Affairs, in which family and friends can purchase gift cards from Brilliant Affairs towards the perfect gift of a certified Professional Coordinator.​

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